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  width=500 height=281 /></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span>There are 2 clock modes that control when the Bit transitions from sequence step to sequence step. In step mode  the sequence transitions to a new sequence step on input low-to-high transitions. In this mode  the clock output is high when the input is above 2.5V  and the clock output is low when the input is below 2.5V.</span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><br /></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span>With the sequencer  you can automatically cycle through an entire sequence  control the speed of the sequence using dimmers or sensors  run the sequence 4 ways: forwards  backwards  pendulum  or random  and swap automation for full control and step through each part of the sequence using a button  sound trigger  or any other high-signal input. Scroll right for more!</span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><br /></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><span>In speed mode  the sequence transitions to a new sequence step at a fixed frequency. The step frequency is proportional to the voltage at the input. At 0V input  the frequency is 0Hz (the sequencer does not step). At 5 volts the step frequency is approximately 80Hz.</span></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><span><br /></span></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><span><span>Also in speed mode  the clock output is a square waveform at the step frequency. The 4 sequence modes control the order in which the 8 sequenced outputs are activated. At any given time  there is exactly 1 of the 8 sequenced outputs set to 5V. All other outputs are set to 0V.</span></span></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><span><span><br /></span></span></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><span><span><span>Forward mode sets output 1 to 5V  then on the next step output 2 is set to 5V  and so on. After activating each output in turn  the sequence then continuously repeats  starting at output 1.</span><br /><span>Backwards mode is the same as forward mode  except that the sequence steps from output 8 to output 1 and is set to 5V at each step.</span></span></span></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs><span><span><span><span><br /></span></span></span></span></div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs> <p class=SideBySideSlide-description ParagraphS u-fontWeight300>Pendulum mode sets output 1 to 5V  then on the next step output 2 is set to 5V  and so on. Upon reaching output 8  the sequence reverses and steps down from 7 to 1.<br />Random mode sets a randomly selected output to 5V at each step.</p> Product Code & UPC<br />LB-650-0008 : 810876020299<br /> <div> </div> <div class=SideBySideSlide-note mar-top-xs> </div> <span><span><span><span><br /></span></span></span></span></div>
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SKU LB-650-0008
Barcode # 810876020299
Brand LittleBits

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