ROADGEAR Programmable Hi-Tec Digital Tyre Tire Gauge

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More Details You can program it to show the manufacturer recommended front and rear tire pressures. A quick press on the tire stem displays the pressure on a bright blue background. Its hi-grip rubberized non-slip surface provides a great tactile feel. Its ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and allows one-handed operation. In fact, it's so easy to use and feels so good in your hand that you may find yourself checking your tire pressure just for fun. This gauge is optimized for motorcycles—yet it works great on auto, truck and bicycle tires too! The ROADGEAR® Programmable Digital Tire Gauge is 'the choice' for anyone who is serious about proper maintenance—performance, safety and tire longevity! Perhaps the most important safety tool you can have in your garage or on the road. A good tire gauge can mean the difference between a properly handling motorcycle and a serious safety hazard. Studies indicate that properly inflated tires promote optimal braking, steering and traction—as well as extended tire life. A 30% reduction in pressure reduces tire life a whopping 48%! Features Auto on/off The 90° tip is rotatable allowing for right or left handed operation Fits in the tightest spots—easily clearing large disc brake rotors Functions through a 'double-bridge' smart-chip microprocessor that controls accuracy—compensating for ambient temperatures, humidity and altitude variations Accurate to within ± 1% and measures 5.0-99.5 psi in half-pound increments Easy-to-read large digital display on a bright blue background Nighttime valve stem illumination—handy built-in light Easily replaceable battery Five-Year Warranty Technical Specs FAQs The How's and Why's of Proper Tire Inflation Featured on YouTube WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY "I'm always on the quest for the perfect tire gauge ..." "This Programmable Digital Tire Gauge is sturdy and well made..." "The gauge fits easily on the valve stem the first time. No fumbling to get a secure fit. In tight spaces... the tip swivels to allow for the depressor to fit." Read Full Review "...Unless you check your tire pressure often-and if you do, you're in the minority-it's easy to forget the recommended pressures...Roadgear's new Programmable Digital Tire Gauge lets you program the right pressure into the gauge itself and display it on the digital screen." "...get one that's easy to use, accurate and packs easily for roadtrips. Cue Roadgear's Programmable Digital Tire Gauge; a unit that combines the small footprint of a pencil gauge with the accuracy of bulky high-tech units more often found in repair shops. "...we feel it's a worthy addition to the toolbox. "...The icing on the cake is a built-in LED flashlight that allows me to obtain a reading even in my-shadowy man-cave." Motorcycle Cruiser "...if you've kept up with're going to love Roadgear's new Programmable Digital Tire Gauge. "...the gauge will keep the techy intrigued while offering good, solid information...the rubberized surface feels good to the hand. It has a large LCD readout and the right-angle nozzle rotates 360 degrees to ease the use on all styles and wheels. " fits nearly all valve stems on all motorcycle wheels,... "...the gauge works as advertised." Rider "Tool Time "...But if you're much more discerning about the condition and performance of your bike's tires, you might consider investing in a gauge that offers a greater level of accuracy. "One excellent choice is the Programmable Digital Tire gauge from Roadgear. It's a motorcycle-specific gauge...The tip can be rotated 360 degrees to fit into the tight valve stem locations often caused by large-diameter brake rotors. "I've personally found this Roadgear gauge very handy for motorcycle testing." Cycle World "The Perfect Tire Pressure Gauge..."

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