Maha Powerex C808M Ultimate Pro Charger (charge AA/AAA/C/D)



Maha Powerex C808M Ultimate Pro Charger (charge AA/AAA/C/D)

The Maha Powerex MH-C808M can charge between one and eight AA / AAA / C / D NiMH or NiCD batteries in any combination.

It's like having eight chargers! This charger will cater for all your battery needs. Digital Dingus called it the King Kong of battery chargers. Read the full Digital Dingus review.

The first charger designed for today's high performance batteries.

The MH-C808M is designed for today's ultra high capacity AA, AAA, C, & D batteries with rapid charging current. Charging time for a 11,000mAh D battery is around 5 hours, while other chargers may take up to 40 hours

Charging Rate

2000mA for AA / C / D
700mA for AAA
Recharge AA / AAA in one hour and C / D in 1 to 5 hours, regardless the number of batteries.

Comprehensive LCD display with white backlight

Easy to understand LCD displaying charging status for each battery independently.

Simply Rugged: No Spring-loaded Contacts

Unlike other universal chargers, the Powerex MH-C808M uses rugged fixed contacts rather than spring-loaded ones, enhancing product reliability. It also features a rugged DIN power connector found only in professional products.

Selectable Soft and Rapid Charging Mode

The MH-C808M provides user with the option to choose between a soft charge and a fast charge mode. The Soft mode delivers the highest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older, lower capacity batteries.

Low-Temperature Charging Algorithm

The MH-C808M is the coolest rapid charger in Powerex's line of professional products. Low charging temperature maximizes battery life and performance. The 7th generation Powerex microprocessor features a 0.001V resolution delivering just the right charge!

Built-in Deep Battery Conditioning System

The MH-C808M is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, deep-discharge and recharge batteries automatically.

Heavy Duty Worldwide AC Adapter

The unit includes a heavy duty switching AC power supply. The 100-240V 50/60Hz universal adapter employs a rugged DIN connector for reliable contact.


Maha stand behind the quality of their chargers. The 808M charger comes with a 3 year warranty. Their manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 Certified, and every charger is tested prior to despatch.

User Manual

To download a PDF copy of the user manual, click here.

Powerex Comparison Chart

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Package Deal
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