3G D&T/Interface adapter Parrot CK3000/Evolution KRAM DA198



KRAM DA198 UNIVERSAL 3G D&T/Interface adapter.

Using this lead in combination with your hands-free car phone kit will mute the Radio during a call and transfer the conversation through the front car speakers.

This lead also ensures you do not invalidate the vehicle warranty when installing your hands free kit.

System Operation - The DA198 is designed to plug into your car kit to convert it to ISO plugs. The ISO plugs then can be connected directly to your car radio if it has ISO connections. If your radio does not have ISO connections then you will also require a car/radio specific SOT lead.

The SOT lead will convert the ISO connector plugs to ones that will fit into the back of your car radio.

This ISO universal harness is compatible with the following hands free kits: Parrot CK3000/Evolution Key Features Cuts out the car radio (may require additional SOT lead) Routes the telephone conversation through the cars front speakers.

No damage to car wiring - simple plug n play operation

Does not invalidate car warranty.

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