4.5dBi Wideband Omni Antenna (TS9 Antenna) - Desktop



4.5dBi Wideband MiMo Omni Desktop Antenna with 2 x 70cm cables and TS9 connectors. Suits most Telstra 4G modems except for MF91 (select NG4MOMNI-53-D6 for this modem). Modem models supported are Netgear Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III AC810, AC313U, AC320U, Netgear AirCard Smart Cradle DC112A, AC790S 4G Advanced II, AC785S, AC782S, AC760S, 78XS cradle, AC800S, Huawei E5787, E5573, E8372, R208, R215, R216, E392, E5332, E5372T, E5776, WiFi 4G Advanced Pro X Huawei E5786s, E8278, ZTE MF75, MF90C, MF821, MF910 and B618s Telstra 4GX Modem.

This antenna has two radiators and does not have to be pointed to gather signal. Supports diversity across GSM, 3G and 4G MiMo networks and covers frequency bands from 700MHz to 2700MHz making this antenna suitable for any carrier on any cellular frequency. 

MiMo Antennas explained!

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