Powerex Precharged AA 2600 mAh 4pack with holder



Powerex Precharged 2600mAh AA rechargeable Batteries 4pack

A new technology breakthrough - MAHA's next generation of NiMH battery technology

Unlike traditional NiMH batteries, Precharged batteries can be stored for an extended period of time without substantial loss of power, and are ready to use out-of-package. As the name suggests, the Powerex Precharged batteries will be ready immediately

A common problem with rechargeable batteries is that they need to be recharged about once every three months, even if they are not used. Maha tackled this issue by developing advanced electrode materials to reduce the rate of power loss during storage. As a result, the Precharged batteries retain up to 85% of its charge even after one year of storage (at a room temperature of 20 deg C).

  • Never reach for your camera again, only to find the batteries have gone flat since you last used the camera.
  • Low internal resistance makes them ideal for use in hiigh power devices such as speedlight camera flashes.
  • Low discharge rate also makes them ideal for lower drainage devices such as wireless flash triggers, where the discharge rate makes normal NiMH batteries inappropriate
  • Can be recharged up to 1000 times
  • Precharged batteries can be charged in any Maha Powerex battery charger or any other NiMH battery charger
  • 2600 mAh capacity has been tested as the highest capacity low discharge battery on the market. These really are the best of both worlds, offering great capacity and a low self discharge rate. For once you can have you cake and eat it too!

Precharged Technology

Modern Ni-MH batteries consist of two metal stripes (anode and cathode), which are separated by a non-conductive porous plastic foil (separator). These three stripes are laid on top of each other and are wound into a coil. This coil is placed in a metal jacket and immersed with a liquid (electrolyte). Then the metal jacket is sealed with a cap to form the battery cell.

The self discharge of Ni-MH batteries is caused by three main reasons:
* the chemical decomposition of the cathode
* the natural disaggregation of the anode
* Impurities of the anode

The chemical decomposition of the cathode has been reduced substantially by the use of an advanced NEW Technology that has been refined by MAHA.

As an additional benefit this technology increases the electrical capacity of the battery and reduces the internal resistance, which allows higher discharge currents than older NiMH batteries.
Another advantage of the reduced decomposition of this alloy is the fact that less strategic metal is needed to stabilize the alloy.
The anode has been strengthened by another new material, which reduces the natural disaggregation.
Additionally, the separator and the  electrolyte used have been optimized for low self discharge in Imedion batteries.

How do they compare to normal Powerex batteries?

The Precharged batteries are available in 2600mAh capacity for AA. 2600mAh is only slightly lower than the standard 2700mAh Powerex AA batteries, so for all but the most demanding users, Precharged batteries are the better, more versatile chioce. For devices that do not drain the batteries in less than a months, the Precharged AA batteries will provide a longer lasting solution.

Due to the low discharge characteristics of Precharged batteries, they enable rechargeablle NiMH batteries to be used in low powered devices such as remote controls for the TV, DVD player, Stereo, Computer mouse, wireless keyboard, and XBOX controllers, without the need for regular recharging.

Can I use any battery charger?

Precharged AA batteries are compatible with all Powerex battery chargers. They will also work in other smart chargers. They are not recommended for timer chargers.

The price is per pack of 4 batteries. Each pack of 4 x AA Precharged batteries includes a Maha Powerex 4 Cell Battery Case.




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