Qstarz BL-Q1000ST GPS Travel Recorder OZ Seller SPECIAL



  • Reliable, Stable, Accurate, and Precise. All you can count on the BL-1000ST with advanced BLE integration.
    BL-1000ST is Qstarz Cross-Generation Bluetooth GPS Travel Recorder. To record your diversified travel, tracks, journey no matter how long or how far it takes, you can rely on BL-1000ST to reach all the needs. GNSS Support and wirelessly adds GPS+GLONASS to iPad, iPhone, and other Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops. Go on the journey, and the great companion BL-1000ST will confidently record your years of beautiful moment.
    ‧ Portable Travel Recorder to log your trip and point of interest
    ‧ Extended large memory capacity excellent for data collection
    ‧ Bluetooth 4.0 BLE connection to iPhone, iPad, or Android devices
    ‧ Long battery life and high sensitivity to suit diversified research
    ‧ GPS+GLONASS engine and Acceleration sensor enabled for optimizing log

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